Become a Poll Worker

Volunteering at the polls is a fun opportunity to participate in the election process and earn a few extra dollars.

Polling places are staffed by volunteers of the two major political parties and you will need to declare your political party preference in order to work on Election Day. Traditionally, there are five persons working the polls two judges and two clerks and an Inspector.  The inspector is of the same party as the County Clerk and then there is a judge and clerk from each party.

Our democracy depends on the support and volunteerism of Hoosiers like you working the polls on Election Day.  Poll workers play a vital role in ensuring fair and impartial elections. There are two requirements in order to participate:  (1) You must be a registered voter in Dubois County; and (2) You must be at least 18 years old.

Poll workers are paid a daily rate with rate of pay dependent on the position to which they are assigned. You can earn at least $85 for your work and possibly more.  

Learn what Poll Workers do by visiting the website.  The site has training videos and downloadable materials.

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